+ What is your pricing?

My pricing is competitve with quality cinematographers in the area, with most couples spending an average of $3500. My pricing allows you to choose the coverage & features that work best for you and your wedding. You can gain instant access to my pricing sheet by filling out my contact form.

+ ...More about pricing!

Trust me, I get it. Wedding planning is an expensive endeavor! Just remember- this is not just another day on the calendar. This is your wedding day. This is one of the very most important days of your life, with no do-overs.

On your wedding, you see the "tip of the iceberg", as the saying goes. I film your wedding using professional equipment, lighting, and creative shooting techniques and compositions. After that comes hours upon hours of culling footage from several different cameras, editing, mixing and mastering audio from several audio feeds, curating a soundtrack, revising, color grading... the list goes on!

This is why I implore you, no matter who you hire to cover your wedding- Choose someone who you trust; whose work gives you butterflies, who is willing to lay in a mud puddle to get the right shot (just kidding... but I have no qualms about ruining clothes if it means an amazing film).

But seriously- if you're a fan of my work and need to chat budgets, contact me. I can't always work something out, but I'll try my best-- especially if you're getting married in the middle of the woods with twinkle lights all around or something magical like that...

+ What sort of equipment do you use?

I use professional cameras, lenses, gimbals, and audio equipment to capture your day. I am currently rocking the Sony A7sii, but have been toying around with switching to the Panasonic GH5/GH5s for next season.

I come prepared with full back-ups for all equipment.

+ What is your favorite beverage?

Hmmmm... I tend to go for tea & coffee. I like anything herbal or minty. Lavender tea is really good. Lavender lattes are also delicious.

+ Do you film elopements?

Yes! Elopements are often handled a bit differently from traditional weddings, so we work with you to find what works best for your specific story.

+ Do you offer revisions?

YES! One round of revisions is included with every collection. When you receive the first draft of your wedding film on your password-protected webpage, you are then able to watch and chat with us about how to make it perfect for you. For questions about revisions, please request an appointment with us through our contact page.

+ Delivery?

All of our collections include digital delivery, with the ability to download and make copies of your film. We also offer keepsake Blu-Ray and/or DVD copies with cover art & graphics as an add-on.

+ Can we meet you?

YES! This is SO important to the film making process. I want to get to know you. I want to understand YOUR story. I want you to be comfortable with and trust me and my process. If you're local, I like to grab a coffee for a meet-up. If you're out-of-town or need an alternate way to meet, I am all up for appointments via FaceTime, Skype, or even the good ole' fashioned telephone.

I also have a pre-wedding consultation the month of your wedding. This is when we iron out the details, and fill out the questionnaire so that we're ready for your wedding day!

+ We want YOU! How do we make this happen?

I am so excited that you feel me & my team are a good fit for your wedding day. First things first, please fill out the contact form on my website to inquire if your date is available. My couples typically book 6 - 18 months in advance, but don't hesitate if you have a last minute wedding!