Why I regret not hiring a videographer for MY wedding (and I AM a videographer)!


Many brides believe that having both wedding photos and video are overkill. Some look to friends and family to capture important parts with a videocamera or phone. Even more find during the planning process that they do want a videographer, but don’t want to prioritize it in their budget.

When couples are trying to decide whether or not they should hire a wedding videographer, they are likely to find a lot of the following statements: the day flies by so fast, there are so many things you’ll miss, pictures just don’t capture everything, etc.

These are all true statements— but, let me tell you- there are more. I say this, not because I am a wedding cinematographer, but because not hiring a videographer at my wedding is one of my biggest regrets. Below, I am going to list my top 5 reasons why I regret not hiring a wedding videographer, and why you should.

  1. I can’t hear you…

    Wait… what was that again? Huh??? I CAN’T HEAR YOU! Not having clear audio is one of the top reasons I regret not hiring a wedding videographer. On the footage a family friend got, I can’t hear a single thing.

    During the ceremony? Nothing. During our vows? Yeah, nothing. While I wasn’t thinking about it then, hearing those vows & speeches clearly from my wedding is one of the number one things I wish I could look back on.

    That is why I use professional audio equipment, like external recorders and discreet wireless microphones for all of our productions.

  2. shaky footage

    The only thing that should be shakin’ are your friends dancing at your reception, right? Well, I decided to have a family friend film key moments of my wedding, and so much of the footage was so shaky, it’s hard to watch! The other half of the time, we had it on a tripod, which is equally unwatchable because it’s so- well, boring.

    Weddings are full of so much life and love, and your film should reflect that. Using multiple angles and creative shooting, wedding cinematographers know how to carry the atmosphere of your wedding onto the screen.

  3. motion & Emotion

    At your wedding, there are so many emotions during the day. The joy and happiness of spending the rest of your life with your one and only person. The build-up and excitement right before your grand entrance. How time slows down for a moment during your first dance as man and wife. These are times when photos don’t do your wedding justice, because they don’t show motion.

    I don’t remember my grand entrance. I don’t remember what we were doing while we were waiting to be announced. I don’t remember having fun and dancing with my friends- I just don’t remember it because photos don’t do motion justice.

  4. Easier to share

    While friends & family typically love looking through your photo albums, wedding films can be so much easier to share online. It’s a condensed, yet stylized and authentic take on your wedding, not too long and not too short, that gives a look at the entire day. It’s easy to watch and rewind and relive

    Besides, people just love sharing their highlights film! And no- you won’t watch it just once. Trust me. Think about your favorite movies all of time. Have you seen them more than once? I bet you have! (I think I’ve watched my favorite move like 100+ times, no joke.) Your wedding video will likely mean more to you than even your most favorite movie, so make it count.

  5. Taking chances

    I felt that because I was a videographer, I could handle the video on my own (spoiler alert- you can’t film your own wedding). Chances are, you might even know a couple who regrets not having a videographer, or even one who hired one, but regrets not hiring a quality cinematographer. You have one chance to do it right. Will you take the chance on your wedding? Learn from my mistake, and consider making room in your budget for a quality videographer.

    I have never once had a couple say that they regret hiring a videographer- in fact quite the opposite. Crystal H. reviewed us on The Knot saying, “I also get to hear "you were 100% right" from the husband regarding booking them constantly!”