Our passion is cinematic, story-driven films.

Films Nouveau captures the best bits and pieces of your wedding, and creates a highlight film that you can share with friends and family. We offer various lengths of short films with or without audio, trailers, and full documentary edits of your events.


The Highlight film

Our highlight film features the best moments of your day set to the perfect soundtrack. This film usually runs between 3-4 minutes, and doesn’t include any audio from your day, such as vows or speeches. This is best suited for laid-back couples who are looking for something short and sweet to bring back the memories.

The Short STORY

The short story is our most popular film, probably because it runs a bit longer (5 - 6 minutes), and includes audio from speeches and vows. This allows us to convey who you are as a couple. Crafted in our studio with a curated soundtrack, this film is best suited for any adventurous couple who is ready to celebrate their day for years to come.


The feature film is an extended version of the short story. At 10 minutes in length, this film allows us to go deeper into your story and life together. Best suited for couples opting for a full day of coverage, this allows us to spend more time on the little moments with you & your loved ones. We recommend this film specifically to couples who are daring, free-spirited, and wanting only the best.